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The first escort directory to truly care about the success of its advertisers, we’re offering the newest, most unique piece of ammunition you must have in your escort marketing arsenal. From our extensive adult industry network, we have access to many potential escort clients, international and nationwide. We’re now offering a limited group of advertisers access to them too. New clients are added to our database frequently, so be sure to check back daily.

Providers that purchase a premium ad listing such as PLATINUM VIP, DIAMOND VIP OR VIP via, will AUTOMATICALLY have access to local NYC area client profiles — as long as their premium ad listing is active. You can view a sample premier ad listing here. Note: You will need a valid Gmail address to access any of our client databases.

Are these clients real?

Yes, these clients are real and pre-screened. Our list of clients are obtained from our various provider escort directories and our adult social media platform

Let's get started

To access our pre-screened LOCAL Chicago area client profiles, you must have one of the following ad types active and your account in good standing.

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These ads appear on the top section of the homepage and on over 25K pages. Create your premier ad listing now.

Once your ad is created and approved, you’ll be granted client profile database access.

International and nationwide client contacts.
No ad required.

Providers that would like access to our global client database (international and nationwide) please register at This database is very extensive and manually updated every FRIDAY. Having access to a constant growing list of potential international and nationwide clients is obviously invaluable.


Please know that providers still must do their own due diligence in regards to screening new clients.

Because the client information you’ll be receiving may be sensitive, we ask that you do not share, the potential clients contact details or other information.

Once you have downloaded the client information we suggest that you only contact them a few times a month then wait for their response before contacting the potential client again.

Good Luck!
NYC Escort Guide Team